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Advertise Your Show on in one of two ways:

1. A large Banner ad  for $29 for the run of your show or 3 months for a 720 X 90 banner on the footer of each page in rotation.

2. A show COUPON (with your promo code)  for given performances to be displayed on our review of your show and in the right-side widget of your review page.

We, at, has been working on ways for theatre companies and producers to offer special offers – discounts for their shows in order to fill empty seats for slow performances. the week after opening – and-Thursdays, Sundays and some matinees. etc.

Many theater companies use Goldstar for all their Discount Tickets. The problem is that Goldstar wants a 50% discount, they charge high fees to both the ticket buyer and to the theater company. That leaves both feeling cheated. And they take time to pay the theater company. But, hey, they fill empty seats with bargain hunter theatre patrons. But Goldstar has many members each seeking theatre deals. But now there is a better way…

Introducing Chicagocritic’s Show Coupons

Now, a theatre company can post a special coupon on their review page on as a pop-up (to gain attention), at the end of our review of their show – and in the right-side widget of their review page. Getting your special offer shown when a reader is deciding to see your show, could make a huge difference.

Your coupon can offer at % Discount or an amount ($) off for a specific day and time performance. and how many tickets available.  You decide when and how much to offer. (The lower the ticket price, the more attractive the response.) Once you have determine when and how much and how many tickets, your Show Coupon will be seen on

You can change your offer whenever you want, anytime before the expiration date. With our large viewing audience, your offer can be seen my our loyal daily visitors.  The key to our Show Coupon program is with our use of Promo Codes.

We require theatre companies to use a distinct Promo Code and let their ticketing software know of that Promo Code so that when the Code is used upon their purchase of show tickets, it works. This allows the Show Coupon created by to be used in your emails and promos.

For only $39 (no hidden costs) for the run of your show or three months, your theatre company can have a special off as an incentive to fill empty seats for your shows. No extra fees and no gouging of your patrons – only special offers to a targeted theatre audience.

To get your Show Coupon, simply fill out the Show Coupon order Form below, then you’ll be redirected to Paypal for your $39 payment – then we’ll create you coupon exactly with your offer. We can have your show Coupon up today!

Tom Williams



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Dear Theatre Company,

Chicago Critic ( is Chicago’s oldest and most-visited theatre reviewing website, reviewing well over 300 productions a year. We are thrilled to announce a new advertising campaign designed to link theatre patrons with neighboring businesses.

Currently, Chicago Critic has a growing average of 2,800 (as of May, 2016) unique visitors per day with 10, 989 page views. This means that our hundreds of loyal visitors are clicking on at least four and a half different pages to read our reviews and theatre articles every time they visit the site. Your ads will target an affluent demographic of theatre-patrons, and make their decision to frequent your business an easy one.

Our introductory offer to theatre companies is as follows: For a limited time,  advertising on Chicago Critic the cost will begin at only be $29 for a bottom banner for the run of your show or 3 months.. Your show will have a prominent banner advertisement that will be shown in rotation. Your bottom banner (size 720 X 90) will be displayed site wide.

Tom Williams

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If you would like more information you can email us at: or
call me at 773-549-0227

Tom Williams
Publisher of Chicago Critic

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