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By Jake PerryClosure by jake perry

Directed by Errol McClendon

Produced by Fringeelment Entertainment

At the Viaduct Theatre, Chicago

Promising new drama, Closure has its moments

Jake Perry’s new drama, Closure is a relationship reunion play that finds three old pals (and a lover) gathering together to may homage to the now dead fourth¬† friend. We soon find that the ‘old days’ were not so good and that doubt as to how Maria died clouds the gathering.

Despite some repeating dialogue, playwright Jake Perry has penned a fresh look at the closure sought from a five year old breakup. Add the mystery of how and by whom their friend died and Closure has the elements of a fine mystery. Once some tightening and redundant dialogue is cut, this will become a fine new play. The pace needs to  be quicken and the intensity heightened but the structure smoothly presented without those awful blackouts that doom many a new work.

Closure has worthy performances from all three cast members. Sarah Brooks (Catherine Phillips), Austin Talley (Dennis Davis) and Jake Perry (Matt Garrity) each offered fine moments. Perry plays the depressed writer/actor with nuanced ambiguity while Brooks shows Catherine’s desperation to be loved. Talley is the feared ex-lover with a touch of violence.

Closure is worth a look as it grabs and hold us while expressing several new twists on letting go of past relationships and memories. With some polish and judicious cuts, Closure will emerge as a terrific show. As presented now, I enjoyed it.


Tom Williams

At the Viaduct Theatre, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL, Thursdays thru Saturdays at 7 pm, tickets $15, running time is one hour, 50 minutes with intermission.

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