By: Joseph Zettelmaierfirst folio theatre
Director: Alison C. Vesely

At First Folio Theatre, Oakbook

A Collectible Classic

First Folio Theatre presented a very refreshing evening of theatre on opening night with the world premiere of “Salvage.” With only two characters, and a set that never changes, Zettelmaier structures an appealing play on many levels. On the surface, a collectibles shop owner in financial trouble meets a new customer, and sparks seem to fly almost instantly. But on other levels, the play directly and indirectly touches on the psychology of collecting things…the nostalgia…the value. Why do people pay exorbitant prices for a child’s 1960’s lunch box? But more importantly, what are the values of those whom we say, we love?

first folio theatre
Before the play begins, Miller’s wonderful set intrigues for most, who have ever walked through an antique, thrift or collectibles shop. The whole company must have had fun adding to the memorabilia. But the set is not cluttered and Vesely’s subtle masterful direction uses the wide open center stage at times to emphasize the distance between the two main characters. The background music, especially for each scene/time change brings back many memories.
Tyler Rich, as Jason the enthusiastic owner of his shop, does the heavy lifting in a funny challenging role.

first folio theatre


He is remarkably believable. Melanie Keller, uses the exact amount of restraint but appropriate emotional excitement; and both work together delivering the humor with spot-on timing. In fact, it is their sharp timing, even on an opening night that impresses. The first act moved so quickly that the intermission surprised me.
Joseph Zettelmaier, a Michigan-based playwright, owns a long list of plays and awards for a relatively young man. His “Salvage” focuses on values and truth in a gentle and tender way. Now I look forward to watching for more of his work.

You may want to take a friend, your spouse or a date along to see this play for you will encounter much to talk about afterward, and it even includes a small thread of political ideas to chew on. Vesely loosely describes the production as a “romance, mystery, comic-drama.” Yes, this play is all of that and more. See “Salvage” in its first production, and when it becomes a frequently seen classic, you will already know the reason why.
Highly Recommended

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Jeff Recommended

Performances at:
Mayslate Peabody Estate
1717 W 31st St.
Oak Brook, Illinois.

March 29 – April 27, 2014. Wednesdays thru Saturdays at 8:00 p.m.
Sundays at 3:00 p.m.
Tickets are $30-$37 depending upon evening. Discount for seniors and students.
Purchase by calling the box office at 630.986.8067 or online at
Free parking.

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