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Bethany (Comments Off)

October 20, 2014 • Category: CURRENT SHOWS, John Stuckert, REVIEWS, REVIEWS BY, Theatre Reviews

The Gift Theatre plays home to Bethany, making it’s Chicago debut. We all remember when the recession hit in 2009. We all knew we should’ve seen it coming, yet somehow so many of us still went through struggles. Those struggles are no stranger to Crystal or any of the other pieces in the puzzling production that was Bethany. Bethany tells us a tale of hardship and desperation and begs the question “How far would you go?”

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Watch on the Rhine (Comments Off)

we meet the wealthy Farrelly family headed by matriarch Fanny Farrelly (the terrific Kathy Scambiatterra), who appears as a flighty woman who seeks control of all aspects of life in her country estate. She fights with her housekeeper Anise (Lorraine Freund) and her butler Joseph (Brandon Boler) in a mutual love-hate relationship. Her son, David (John Stokvis) is an unmarried lawyer who Fanny sees as just like her late husband Jushua.


Capriccio (Comments Off)

…Capriccio was referred to by Strauss as “conversation piece” rather than a serious drama, is an opera within an opera and an appreciation of the wonders of music over words (lyrics) that fuels opera.


Don Giovanni at the Lyric Opera of Chicago (Comments Off)

This production of Don Giovanni is particularly well sung, especially by soprano and Ryan Opera Center alumna Andriana Churchman making her role debut as Zerlina. Her natural melodic singing was a joy to hear! She should be proud of her debut performance. The other cast members were terrific also. Marina Rebeka, a soaring soprano and soprano Ana Maria Martinez as Donna Elvira complimented the scorned ladies.


Dead Accounts (Comments Off)

This is a play about how both spiritual and worldly goals have disappointed the characters. If you’re interested in subjects like that, or enjoyed other plays by Rebeck, it could be worth checking out. There is a lot of humor in the story, which would probably work better with a regular audience than at the press opening I saw. But I, like the people in the play, was left wanting more.


The Vandal (Comments Off)

It’s fine to have funny Halloween stories, but the most lasting experiences are those that trigger fears like loneliness and regret. The Vandal packs a lot into its short run-time, and rewards its audience for their investment. This is a good show if you want to break up the drinking and zombies for the early part of an evening sometime this fall.


Another Bone (Comments Off)

The play starts with a two person speech wherein Rhonda (Jan Ellen Graves) and Marie finish each other’s sentences as they expound about their husband’s deaths as firefighters in NYC. Marie’s man was a 911 hero while Rhonda’s man died in a house fire a year after 911. Both firefighters were heroes but the 911 fallen firefighters were given major hero status by government and by the public. Marie got several million and Rhonda received the normal adequate death benefits. Marie and Rhonda stay friends as each helps the other adjust to life after losing their husbands.

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