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Another Bone (Comments Off)

September 29, 2014 • Category: CURRENT SHOWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS BY, Theatre Reviews, Tom Williams

The play starts with a two person speech wherein Rhonda (Jan Ellen Graves) and Marie finish each other’s sentences as they expound about their husband’s deaths as firefighters in NYC. Marie’s man was a 911 hero while Rhonda’s man died in a house fire a year after 911. Both firefighters were heroes but the 911 fallen firefighters were given major hero status by government and by the public. Marie got several million and Rhonda received the normal adequate death benefits. Marie and Rhonda stay friends as each helps the other adjust to life after losing their husbands.

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At Home at the Zoo at City Lit Theater (Comments Off)

For some strange reason, Edward Albee felt he had to write a first act in 2004 to his 1959 one-act, The Zoo Story. Maybe he felt that more theatres would produce the work if it was a full play? So now, if you want the rights to do ‘Zoo,’ you must do it as At Home at the Zoo. The result is to make patrons sit through a slowly unfolding yet serviceable prequel.


Remembering Bernie Yvon (Comments Off)

Bernie Yvon had just recently celebrated his 50th birthday when he was killed by a Semi truck driving to rehearsal. He was scheduled to play a taxi driver in the musical “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” at Theatre at the Center in Munster, Indiana. George Andrew Wolff will assume the role and the production will now open on September 21, with a tribute to Bernie planned following the show. Yvon was fortunate to be a working actor, and it was abundantly clear that he loved what he did as much as audiences loved watching him.


Macbeth (Comments Off)

Bloch’s only opera is a tour de force making its Chicago premiere, but the much-touted camera work is mostly a distraction.


The Commons of Pensacola (Comments Off)

A mirroring of Bernie Madoff (Ponzi scheme orchestrator that took advantage of the vulnerabilities of Holocaust Survivors for billions of dollars), this father of two is likely to spend his life behind bars for his crimes leaving Judith, who had grown used to a suspiciously comfortable lifestyle, with next to nothing.


Jane Eyre (Comments Off)

I can say that I had some issues with the highly theatrical take on the 19th Century Gothic novel. While the color-blind inter-racial casting works fine, the use of such accurate RP British accents was so dominate that the cast got so overwhelmed with their sounds that their characters came off as period-dressed costumes living in their RP speech at the expense of being believable real characters. Add much screaming and, at times, rapid-fire talking and many important plot details got lost in the over emotional over-the-top performances.


Miracles in the Fall (Comments Off)

And the subtext concerning all character’s interest in the 1968 Baseball World Series and the personal crisis of faith by both Clare and Father Lentine and Miracles in the Fall is surly a miracle in that this awful play ever got mounted. Once sparks fly between the priest and the nun, we start rolling our eyes in disbelief. And later when we learn that Father Lentine, at age sixteen (who allows a teenager to join the priesthood at 16 years old? And since when are Jesuits – a teaching order – doing parish work?), enter the seminary because he believed that his asthma was cured because he entered the seminary. Ridiculous! Clearly, playwright O’ Connor didn’t do enough research.

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