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The play opens in 2003, on the day Wiesenthal is closing down his Vienna office after 58 years of sleuthing which brought down 1,100 Nazi war criminals (although he later laments that this was only 5% of the total). He is a man not filled with passion for revenge — but with passion for Justice. On this last day, as he packs up his memorabilia, he addresses the audience as if we were touring American students on a visit, taking time to inform us, although he had promised his wife to curtail his teaching.

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Respect: A Musical Journey of Women

But idea, no matter how brilliant, is nothing without execution, and the four golden-voiced, charismatic and sure-footed singer/dancer/actors — Carol Bordonada, Nicole Kinzel, Sharyn Peoples, and Ziarra Washington — never miss a note, a beat, a step, or timing in their infinitely varied solos, medleys, trios, and quartets. Props are deceptively simple and effective: a quilt, shiny white boots, red boas, all underscoring appropriate lyrics. In addition, two screens emphasize the message with filmed portraits ranging from Betty Boop to Rosa Parks.

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