Crazy For You -Drury Lane Theatre

Crazy for You is a modern take on the classical Broadway format that weaves many of the greatest songs of the 2oth Century by the Gershwin’s with outrageous humor, excellent singing and spectacular tap dancing. Crowle’s ensemble worked hard in respecting the material. Crazy for You is a ‘must see’ musical. The sheer joy of this family friendly entertainment will have you saying: “Who could ask for anything more?” This production of Crazy for You reminds me why I love musicals. Crazy For You demonstrates the magic of Gershwin tunes as well the joys of old fashion musical comedy. It is extremely family entertainment for the holidays.

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Crazy for You

Crazy for You–it has one of the finest scores of all-time and it contains an outstanding book by Ken Ludwig that has cute situations, witty one-liners and colorful winning characters caught up in a classic romantic fable. The show ran for four years on Broadway and it has become a staple of regional theatre due to its funny book and great music.

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Twist Your Dickens

Now in its third year down the hall from A Christmas Carol, Twist Your Dickens one more offers a comic holiday treat featuring the best techniques of Second City to make you laugh during the holidays. Move over Larry Yando – Ron West is your rival as Scrooge. LOL! Comic writers Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort have penned a smart, hilarious and rambunctious spoof of A Christmas Carol.

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“Young Frankenstein”

The set is inventive and effective, the wigs are a plenty and the tap shoes are tapping with this large cast of Transylvanian characters. What a magnificent effort by all to take on this show and just in time for Halloween.

The townspeople of Transylvania are attending the funeral of Dr. Frankenstein—relief at last. Lead by Officer Kemp (Tony Calzaretta) let the celebration begin.

Back in NYC, a young doctor receives a telegram; “It’s Frohnk-en-steen not Frankenstein,” he says when informed about his grandfather’s passing. Young Frederick (Nick Miller), must head to Transylvania to settle the estate and leave his finicky, yet fantastic fiancé Elizabeth (Christie Burgess-Martino) behind–which may not be such a bad thing anyway

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The Guys

I never knew how Roy spent the holidays until I needed to borrow his copy of the Gershwin musical, Crazy For You. Roy had a vast collection of theatre memorabilia and I always found him to be the source. I promised my nephew that we would watch the musical so he could be introduced to the wonders of Gershwin music. It was noon on Christmas Eve, snow was falling faster than the plows could remove it. I needed that tape. A promise is a promise.

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Jeff Awards Equity nominations for 2016-17

During the 2016-17 season, Jeff Awards judges attended opening nights of 159 Equity productions offered by 42 producing organizations, and from these openings, 123 productions were “Jeff Recommended” and eligible for award nominations.

The 49th Annual Equity Jeff Awards ceremony honoring excellence in professional theatre produced within the immediate Chicago area will be held on Monday, November 6th, at Drury Lane Theatre, 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace.

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