Madagascar – A Musical Adventure

This is a really fun and fabulous show and really you should move it, move it and get there. Children or no children—all ages will enjoy. I laughed a lot and even danced a bit! My 10 year old Ella, who just happened to perform in this show at The Stage School in Park Ridge summer camp was especially keen of the production and well versed with the characters (having played a few herself) and said to give it as many stars as I could!

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Jesus Christ Superstar at Paramount Theatre

Evan Tyrone Martin is Jesus, Mykal Kilgore is Judas and Felicia Boswell is Mary. They are the stars but do not underestimate the talent of those high priests Lorenzo Rush, Jr. as Caiaphas, Avionce Hoyles as Annas and King Herod (I just realized he played both roles). Rufus Bonds, Jr. as Pontius Pilot amazed me at the dream. Everyone in this cast is a star after all, it takes a village or in this case a bunch of disciples and villagers to make this show as spectacular as it is.

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The Dining Room

This is the story of WASPs, who lived throughout the 19th Century, with serious cultural norms of how life should be and the stability this lifestyle offered in the well-to-do households. About this dining room- A real-estate agent and his client discuss the possible uses of the dining room in a house that is for sale. Brother and sister argue over which one will get the dining room table left behind. A daily breakfast, a birthday party, a Thanksgiving dinner with a mother who does not recognize her family, there are many moments that make memories around this table.

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Disney’s – The Little Mermaid

Without question, The Little Mermaid at Paramount is no less than astounding! Based on the 1989 Disney film and original story by Hans Christian Andersen, this show is directed and choreographed by Amber Mak, music direction by Tom Vendafreddo and the beautiful under-seas puppetry design by Jesse Mooney-Bullock, fantastic costume design by the amazing Theresa Ham. This tale will appeal as much to adults as it does to children.

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A Christmas Story: The Musical 2016

This production comes complete with town bullies, a frozen flag pole and a very commanding school teacher (Kayla Boye). This is a larger than life production on a fairly small stage and yet the cast of 26 pulled it off seamlessly. Creative use of the staging takes us into the kitchen most of the time after all, that is where most of the action is happening. The most exciting of holiday dinners gets destroyed when disaster strikes and they end up eating out at a Chinese restaurant which the only place open in town. Who knew that little brother Randy liked noodles so much?

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“Young Frankenstein”

The set is inventive and effective, the wigs are a plenty and the tap shoes are tapping with this large cast of Transylvanian characters. What a magnificent effort by all to take on this show and just in time for Halloween.

The townspeople of Transylvania are attending the funeral of Dr. Frankenstein—relief at last. Lead by Officer Kemp (Tony Calzaretta) let the celebration begin.

Back in NYC, a young doctor receives a telegram; “It’s Frohnk-en-steen not Frankenstein,” he says when informed about his grandfather’s passing. Young Frederick (Nick Miller), must head to Transylvania to settle the estate and leave his finicky, yet fantastic fiancé Elizabeth (Christie Burgess-Martino) behind–which may not be such a bad thing anyway

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