A Christmas Carol at 35


By Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Tom Creamer

Directed by Steve Scott At the Goodman Theatre, Chicago

Still going strong at 35 years old

Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, now in its 35th year at the Goodman theatre is not only one of the finest holiday shows- it is one of the best theatrical productions ever! The creatives at the Goodman Theatre keep the show fresh each year by adding new actors to infuse the show with spirit and heart.  it is a privilege for Chicago actors to be in the Goodman’s A Christmas Carol.

I have seen this annual gem many times with an assortment of Scrooges including William J. Norris, Frank Galati, Tom Mula, Rick Snyder, William brown, Jonathan Weir, John Judd and Larry Yando. Each have played the nasty, money-loving old man with both pathos and humor as the nasty, lonely man finds redemption. I must say that Larry Yando is the ultimate Scrooge. He moves from scary to pathetic to glowing kindness as he comes to grips with his folly. With a blend of terror and humor, Yando get us to first hate then love the money-hording old man.  Yando give the role a zesty brand of life that makes Scrooge’s redemption a major triumph of humanity. Larry Yando anchors a terrific cast dedicated to the work. Get to see the Goodman’s production of A Christmas Carol to get a jolt of holiday spirit and to witness a fabulous Chicago actor at the height of his craft.

Highly Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago

Date Reviewed: November 25, 2012

Jeff Recommended

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