A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre 2011

A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre
A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre

Directed by Steve Scott

At  the Goodman Theatre, Chicago

Now in its 34thseason at the Goodman Theatre, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, now under a subtly refined direction by Steve Scott, still has all the atmosphere, darkness and redemption that finds Ebenezer Scrooge moving from scoundrel to worthy human. Larry Yando returns as Scrooge and he reaches new depths of nastiness and new euphoria as the redeemed businessman. Jarrod Zimmerman, as young Scrooge, hints at the dark side of Scrooge to come.

A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre

Elizabeth Ledo is most effective as the Ghost of Christmas Past while Nathan Hosner is eerily scary as the Ghost of Jacob Marley. The Goodman Theatre’s diverse cast is most effective. This year’s energy is heightened and the music is worthy of 1940’s London. Larry Yando is amazing as Scrooge!

A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre

The timeless classic tale was so moving that it lead to the British celebrating Christmas as a major holiday. The Goodman has made A Christmas Carol a major Chicago holiday event since over one million folks have witnessed this timeless tale of personal redemption.  There are a few new twists,  added music and humorous bits to this year’s production. Every year this classic seems amazingly fresh.

A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre

The basic core of good will toward man, the basic message of personal change and redemption permeates this wonderful show. It isn’t Christmas time without a visit to 1843 London to see Uncle Scrooge. The Goodman’s production is the finest holiday show mounted in Chicago. Take the entire family to see this marvelous production.

Highly Recommended

Tom Williams

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Date Reviewed: November27, 2011

For full show information, check out the A Christmas Carol page at Theatre In Chicago.


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