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Music by Elton Johnaida bailiwick chicago

Lyrics by Tim Rice

Book by Linda Woolverton, Robert Falls & David Henry Hwang

Directed by Scott Ferguson

Music Direction by Jimmy Morehead & Robert Ollis

Choreographers: Gary Abbott & Kevin Iega Jeff

Produced by Bailiwick Chicago

At American Theatre Company (ATC) Chicago

Aida is a major triumph for Bailiwick Chicago!

Scott Ferguson and the new Bailiwick Chicago collective of Chicago non-Equity players have reinvented and revived the troubled, over-produced and over-amped Broadway production of the 1998 musical, Aida, with music by Elton John and Lyrics by Tim Rice. Ferguson made several excellent choices for Aida, starting with casting mostly African-American players as the main characters. Next, despite budget limitations, John Holt’s set and Sarah N. Ramos’ lighting gave the show a large, vivid look on ATC’s intimate stage.  Ferguson utilized the talents of Gary Abbott & Kevin Iega Jeff and the dancers from their Deeply Rooted Dance troupe to give the show an African influence as well as a Middle Eastern feel in the dances.

aida bailiwick chicago

aida bailiwick chicago

Aida sure isn’t Verdi’s grand opera nor is it the screaming, overblown spectacle Disney produced. Rather, Ferguson’s Aida is an emotional, heartfelt musical that is fueled by forbidden love and a terrific score.   It is a rock musical without being to loud–rather it is a finely crafted use of rock music that enhances the singing without competing or drowning out the singers. Musical directors Jimmy Morehead (vocals) and Robert Ollis (orchestra) got the balance into a blend that enabled the singers to emote all the meanings, emotions and sentiments contained yet still getting the music heard. This Aida should be a model of how to use sound in a rock musical. Amazingly, I could understand all the lyrics and I could feel the deep set emotions contained.

aida bailiwick chicago

Aida is a love story that finds an Egyptian officer, Radames (Brandon Chandler),  who is engaged to the Pharaoh’s daughter, falling in love with a Nubian slave – Aida (Rashada Dawan). When Radames finds out that Aida is really a Nubian Princess, he must choose between his country or his love.  This romantic tragedy features an assortment of vain and evil characters each plotting their own advantages in the Pharaoh’s court. Amneris (Adrianna Parson) is the fashion conscious Pharaoh’s daughter promised to Radames. Zoser (Bob Pries) is the plotting father of Radames who aspires  power. Mereb (Aaron Holland)  is the Nubian slave and servant to Radames secretly loyal to Aida.

aida bailiwick chicago

Aida is a rock operetta featuring a 70’s style score contains eclectic elements including reggae, Motown, gospel and pop/rock. There are soaring ballads and love songs, strong anthems and striking dance rhythms. “The Gods Love Nubia” is a haunting gospel tune and my favorite song from the show.  The soulful, heart-wrenching show features a nice assortment of strong voices. Brandon Chandler’s pop tenor was smooth while Bob Pries and Aaron Holland nail their songs.  Adrianna Parson enchants with her silky voice but Rashada Dawan sings Aida with a belt as she reaches into the emotions of her numbers deftly. Dawan is a talent. This cast has a load of young artists who can act and sing reaching the depth of emotions not felt in earlier productions of Aida.

aida bailiwick chicago

We care about Aida and Radames and we empathize with Mereb and Amneris. We are challenged by Aida’s story to ponder “What would you sacrifice for eternal love?” I can’t remember enjoying a rock musical as much as I did Bailiwick Chicago’s Aida. They raised the bar for mounting rock musicals by showing that you don’t have to blast the music loudly to be a hit. With such a terrific cast of singers- they beg to be heard and they have much to sing. This Aida is for more enjoyable than the last national tour and for a quarter of the price. This Aida is a major summer triumph not to be missed.

Highly Recommended

Tom Williams

At ATC, 1909 W. Byron,  Chicago, IL, call 866-811-4111, tickets $25 -$35, Thursdays thu Saturdays at 8 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 3 pm, running time is 2 hours, 30 minutes with intermission, through August 1, 2010

4 thoughts on “Aida

  • John Holt

    A correction – the lighting in this production was actually designed by Jared B. Moore. Sarah Ramos was the sound designer/engineer.


    John Holt
    Set Designer

  • Sarah Ramos

    Good to read that you enjoyed the show Tom. But I’d like to make a correction. The lighting was done by Jared Moore and he certainly put a lot of time into it, so props to him. I was actually the Sound Designer on this one, and I’m glad you enjoyed the mix.

  • Ben Metoyer

    OMG….This was incredible….A MUST See. I’m trying to clear my schedule for the next couple of weeks so I can see it at least three more times. I cant get enough….I’m trying to spread the word. We must work together to get this production on the calendar for a longer time. August 1st is just around the corner…put on your thinking caps and send out some positive energy to keep the show alive!

    ……I’m confident the extension can (AND WILL) happen. We must be positive. This is an uplifting show that we need to share with THOUSANDS more!

    Stay tuned! I’ll be sitting in the audience enjoying every single moment of this grand performance!

    LOVE it….LOVE it….LOVE it!

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