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Alfred with a Knife

Created and performed by David Amaral and Eddie Bennett

Produced by New Beast Theatre Works

Alfred with a Knife
Alfred with a Knife

At The Building Stage

Unique theatrical experience work a look

David Amaral and Eddie Bennett have created a 70 minute storytelling art piece that is rich in creativity and theatricality. In a sort of Beckett style, Alfred with a Knife unfolds as a surreal adventure with strong absurdest leanings.  I enjoyed the manic work from David Amaral and Eddie Bennett whose acting chops are on exhibit in this engaging and funny work.  Their world contains wonder and whimsy to spare.

Filled with a playful life story of Alfred (David Amaral)–a curiously marvelous boy–who works tirelessly in the attic of his home to build a world of imagination, illusion, and excitement with his best friend, Mr. Lady (Eddie Bennett). They play games filled with unexpected happenings–some scripted and some improved.  These wacky and heart warming characters get involved with imaginative and unpredictable events. As I understand it, each performance has evolved with unique plot twists that keeps the show fresh and alive. The talents of Amaral and Bennett carry this provocative theatrical experience that is refreshingly inventive and nicely performed.  This is a fun 70 minute summer show. It is inventive and fun.


Tom Williams

At The Building Stage, 412 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL, tickets $10 – $15, Thursdays & Fridays at 8 pm, running time is 70 minutes without intermission, through August 14, 2009

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