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All Childish Things

By Joseph ZettelmaierAll Childish Things by Joseph Zettelmaier

Directed by Dennis Frymire

Produced by Hubris Productions

At the Greenhouse Theatre, Chicago

Wacky Star Wars comedy milks few jokes

If you’re a Star Wars nerd, you may like All Childish Things but if you’re not, then Joseph Zettelmazier’s farce will  wear you out. This is a TV-sitcomish comedy that finds a group of nerd losers totally living life through the lens of the Star Wars’ films.  With a set filled with Star Wars’ memorable and a nerdy guy – Dave (Nathan Pease) is the obsessed film nerd whose life revolves around collecting Star Wars stuff. His goofy pal, Max (Nathan Petts) is the neurotic fellow Star Wars fan and Dave’s accomplice in crime.

Dave, Max, together with another pal- Star Wars fanatic Carter (Kevin D’Ambrosio) and his girlfriend Kendra (Kim Boler), are plotting a major burglary of a manufacture of Star Wars toys. Dave’s plan involves perfect timing for the loot worth $2,000,000 to Kendra’s mystery man.

Much of the show involves Star Wars inside jokes and screaming and predictable corn-ball humor that we’ve seen too many times on TV sitcoms. There is little to laugh at here and we quickly tired of the characters. Max in particular grates as he screams and nerds-out so often that I wanted to hit him with a slick!

The show is  too long and the over the top performances irritate more than entertain. This is a one joke comedy that wears out its welcome quickly. Despite the nice work from Nathan Pease, there simply isn’t enough humor to sustain a two hour show.  Better skip this one.

Not Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

Date Reviewed: November 12, 2011

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