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All My Love

By Tony Fiorentino

Directed by Braden LuBell

Produced by Diamente Productions

Upsetting relationship drama pans polyamory

All My Love
All My Love

Chicago playwright/actor Tony Fiorentino has written and acted in several terrific plays (Cold Cold Feet, 2006), (Fraternal Instinct, 2007), and (My Dinner with Amy, 2008). His latest, All My Love, is an ambitious and mildly entertaining drama about the perils and pitfalls of open romantic relationships.

The plays follows middle-aged divorcee Ellen (Megan Keach)—a PhD psychiatrist and author who practices what she preaches by being in an open relationship with Jack (Tony Fiorentino)—a divorced attorney. Ellen is a narcissistic hedonist and failed mother of twins. I never could understand why Jack allowed Ellen and her obnoxious teens to live with him in his home. I was also mystified as to why he tolerated Ellen juggling multiple men? This preposterous plot simply didn’t ring true to me.

I also had trouble with the secondary plot that features Ellen’s teenage daughters—Abby (Bridgette Pechman) and Lynn (Megan Gotz). Abby is an ill-mannered and self-centered teen who acts out her angst through promiscuity. Add PJ (Bryan Breau) Lynn’s boyfriend and Myles (Walter Bezt) and Hallie (Arianne Ellison) who are husband and wife. Myles is one of Ellen’s lovers. The plot becomes complicated when Jack resistances Ellen’s ployamory by seeking more female relationships. Ellen becomes jealous of Jack’s actions while the sisters and their mother fight over college choices.

While I enjoyed some moments, especially Tony Fiorentino’s performance, I found the play to be a contrivance as it tried too hard to critique current notions of love, monogamy, and marriage. Tony Fiorentino is a talented playwright with an impressive list of comedies. All My Love has its moments but it sure could use a trim and a tighter focus.

Somewhat Recommended

Tom Williams

Jeff Recommended

All My Love will play at The Theatre Building, located at 1225 W. Belmont in Chicago.  Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 3:30 p.m.  Tickets are $25 and $18 for students and seniors and can be purchased at the box office, by phone at  773-327-5252  or online at

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