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Dear Reader,

A few months after I started writing theatre reviews for I got to thinking about the name of the site and what it really meant, or what it could potentially mean. To those who follow the site regularly, Chicago Critic means comprehensive and expert Chicago theatre coverage. But theatre is just one part of the vast cultural offerings this city has to provide. What about the other treasures in town, like art, or music? If we really claim to be the “Chicago Critic”, then why aren’t these other parts under our purview? Well, that’s changing…beginning with our new “Art Beat” section.

Just like theatres, Chicago has a large amount of independent art galleries, museums, and festivals right at our disposal. Like actors, Chicago breeds a large amount of professional and aspiring artists that are producing high level, nationally renowned works. So it’s only natural for the Chicago Critic to cover this city’s vibrant art scene, just like it does with theatre.

The “Art Beat” will offer in-depth coverage of blockbuster exhibits, student fairs, and all points in between. With interviews and discussions with the artists themselves, we can determine what Chicago means to them for inspiration and success.

We’re starting to live up to our name, but what’s more important is that we’re giving our readers expanded coverage of what this great city has to offer.


John B. Reinhardt




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