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A Clown Car Named Desire


Written and performed byclown logo

Carisa Barreca

Brooke Breit

Mike Kosinski

Michael Lehrer

Punam Patel

Chris Witaske

Directed by Ryan Bernier

At the Second City e.t.c., Chicago

Second City’s 37th Revue is a funny, well-oiled comedy machine

Second City co-founder Bernie  Sahlins  died recently at age 90. He would be proud of the 37th Second City revue now opened at the famed Wells Street stage. It is a tribute to Sahkins, Howard Alk and Paul Sills that the stage craft of sketch comedy and improv has been maintained at the top quality entertainment that has endured for 50 years. It has been years since I was at the intimate e.t.c. second stage to see a sketch comedy show . I very much believe that the smaller stage renders the comedy with more power due to the proximity of the players to the audience.  Looking right into the eyes of the troupe-and they looking right into the eyes of the audience produces a connection that enhances the comic dynamic.

the second city e.t.c.

Add a polished and slick paced series of sketch comedy by a most talent troupe that includes Carisa Barreca, Brooks Breit, Mike Kosinski, Michael Lehrer, Punam Patel, and Chris Witaske. To quote the press release:

the second city e.t.c.

Join the limber and handsome cast of A Clown Car Named Desire for a spectacular night of illusion featuring brave, multitasking mothers expressing themselves; hyper hipsters competing for the ultimate in cool; and long term monogamous couples desperately trying to remember how they got that way. It’s a night to remember and the perfect antidote to that mundane and troublesome state called reality.”

That is an apt description of the terrifically funny and smartly performed show i saw. Lead by the quirky, nerd-like Mike Kosinski, A Clown Car Named Desire is much more than a riff on Tennessee Williams. It is a couple hours of non-stop laughs. The stage chemistry and wonderful comic timing along with the instant smart ad-libs produced a tightly spun revue. This show is an entertaining show that is a most popular venue that features splendid food and drinks deftly served by a fine serving staff making  The  Second City a landmark spot for fun.  Come to The Second City to enjoy a fun evening of comedy.

Highly Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

Date Reviewed: June 21, 2013

For more info checkout the A Clown Car Named Desire page at

At The Second City e.t.c., 1616 N. Wells, Chicago, IL, call 312-337-3992,, tickets $23 – 428, Tuesdays thru Saturdays at 8 pm, Fridays & Saturdays  at 11 pm, Sundays at 7pm, running time is 2 hours, 10 minutes with intermission, on an open run.

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