New Dances 2013 – Thodos Dance Chicago

Thodos New Dances
New Dances 2013


Cara Carper & Brian Hare

John Cartwright

Caitlin Cucchiara & Diana Robertson

Annie Deutz

Ray Dones & Jon Sloven

Kyle Hadenfeldt

Joshua Manculich

Jessica Miller Tomlinson

Alissa Tollefson & Carrie Patterson

Guest Choreographer

Ahmad Simmons

At  the Ruth page Center for the Arts, Chicago

Stunning, stylish, subtle and sensual new dance creation fuels Thodos Dance’s 13th New Dance Series

It has been awhile since I took in a dance show and I was pleasantly surprised at the innovative work from the talented young choreographers assembled by Thodos Dance Chicago under the leadership of Melissa Thodos. I’m discovering that Chicago, indeed, has a thriving  dance community and that Thodos Dance sure as a group of creatively gifted dancers and choreographers. With two hours of new dances featuring flowing dancers moving to exotic music and sound effects, the wonders of modern movement is sure in good hands. Choreographers: Cara Carper & Brian Hare, John Cartwright, Caitlin Cucchiara & Diana Robertson, Annie Deutz, Ray Dones & Jon Sloven,  Kyle Hadenfeldt, Joshua Manculich, Jessica Miller Tomlinson, Alissa Tollefson & Carrie Patterson and Guest Choreographer Ahmad Simmons each thrilled us with their stunning, stylish,subtle and sensual new dances.

Thodos New Dances

ThodosNewDances 2013_6

ThodosNewDances 2013_4

Moving to a collection of unique, often exotic music, this group of young talents did the casting of dancers, selected their music and created the dances under the inspired environment by Thodos Dance Chicago.  This dazzling show demonstrated the creativity of both the dancers and the choreographers.  Each of the  nine programs moved the world of dance into new heights. The only thing each of these programs had in common was that they were conducted in bare feet or in dance stockings. We saw arms & legs swirling, tumbling & full body movement as well as manic pacing about as the dancers coordinated their movements often following a lead dancer. Both unison and individual dances were present. The female dominated program also contained a male presence. Word can’t adequately describe the stylish free-flowing dances. The Chicago dance scene is in terrific hands with the creatives at Thodos Dance Chicago. Their new Dances Series 2013 was amazing! Too bad it only lasted for 3 days (July 19-21).

Highly Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

Date Reviewed: July 20,  2013

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