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Fulton Street Sessions

By the TUTA EnsembleFulton Street Sessions by TUTA

Directed by Zeljko Djukic

Produce by TUTA

At Chicago Dramatists, Chicago

Bizarre Eastern European styled cabaret weirdly enticing

The folks at TUTA, under the creative, support of artistic director Zeljko Djukic, have allowed the cast of Kirk Anderson, Jaimelyn Gray, Stacie Beth Green, Trey Maclin and Jacqueline Stone to use their ingenuity skills that include quirky physical comedy with unique singing to mount a world premiere showcase production of the Fulton Street Sessions that almost defies description.

Fulton Street Sessions by TUTA

We hear a song list that includes such diverse tunes as “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to “Nearer My God to Thee” to “Black Betty” to a couple of unintelligible songs. From the first scenes that finds Trey Maclin taking a bath with the help of three women and a man each dressed in winter parkas to wordless marching and unique physicality, the Fulton Street Sessions surely wins the prize as the most perplexing show of the year!

Fulton Street Sessions by tuta

While, I’m not a fan of such way-out experimental shows, let me state that the creativity and stage craft by all five players including excellent musicianship by  Kirk Anderson on percussion and Trey Maclin on guitar and mandolin led to several clever and hilarious moments. The sheer creativity, spontaneity created a show filled with surprises. Some of the sketches  and interludes work and some fall flat but the entire 85 minutes creates a baffling inherently deconstructive work that left me scratching my head.

Fulton Street Sessions by tuta

The audience seemed to enjoy the quirky work more than me.  I did appreciate the energy,  surprises and the stage craft. I’m sure those who enjoy experimental, almost improv, Eastern European cabaret shows will gravitate to Chicago Dramatists to experience the Fulton Street Sessions. It your daring to see something theatrically different, then the TUTA players have a treat for you. Just be warned, it’s not standard theatre or a musical comedy but it is filled with bewildering wonderment. It is in-your-face absurdist theatre on steroids!


Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012

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