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GL2010teatro luna gl2010

Written by Lisa Ann Acosta, Desiree T. Casto,

Marie Anteinette Flores, Petrucia Finkler,

Diane Herrera, Dawn Herrera Terry,

Lauren Villegas and Miranda Gonzalez

Directed by Miranda Gonzalez

Produced by Teatro Luna

Playing at Chicago Dramatist Theatre

Laughing with Latinas

Teatro Luna’s ten year old play, Generic Latina, has a new script, GL2010, and is filled with contagious energy.  Combating stereotypes through a collection of comical sketch scenes, this show is highlighted by outstanding actresses and non stop laughter.

teatro luna gl2010

Led by Tremendously talented Marilyn Camacho GL2010 opens with a rap that is intelligently written, clearly spoken and performed with extremely high quality talent on the mic rarely found when this art form is brought to the theatrical stage.

teatro luna gl2010

The plays’ following scenes move from feelings of seriousness to satire easily and with reoccurring characters that keep the audience laughing and able to personally relate.  Jokes that make you squirm uncomfortably and those that just plain tickle your gut are blended together with smooth professionalism.  Through out each scene Teatro Luna tackles tough topics and really dives into the multidimensional conflicts that exist within each.  For example, the same man that so many of us respect for working eighty hours each week in order to support his family, is the same Dad that is never home with their kids.  They jump into all aspects of racism, the looks from white people in the suburbs, judgment of one’s skin darkness by those within the same race and mixed feelings of pride and resentment towards one’s ancestry are just a few surface examples.  All of the topics covered are not isolated to Latinas.  So much of the play is relatable by everyone, especially women.  Women, remember your first bikini wax?  GL2010 has a song about it.  Through out the play each tough topic is accompanied with witty humor and superb comic acting by the whole ensemble.  There are a few slower scenes with underdeveloped characters, but those duller moments are rare and every time there was a less active scene, it was followed by a knock out that awakes more laughter.

GL2010 is a hit show created through a collaborative effort, and that collaborative action is continued it its performance through consistent top notch talent and an intimate chemistry between the cast.  The sexy dancing by Andrea Morales stands out amongst a group of entertaining movers and shakers, and Morales’s  abilities go much further in the play with her realistic and larger than life portrayals of many different characters (my favorite being the one of the three mothers watching the neighborhood through their window and gossiping.)  Marilyn Camacho is a star, flat out a star.  Her comical character portrayals, natural charisma and comfort on stage are striking. with out overshadowing the writing.

As a blond hair, blue eyed, male at a female Latina show, I must say that all are welcome and will enjoy this show.  It’s the funniest show I’ve seen all summer.  GL2010 I not just funny, it is laugh out loud funny.  The messages behind the jokes are sincere and meaningful.  This shows vibrant energy is contagious, and worth catching.


Reviewed By Timothy McGuire

Date Reviewed: July 1, 2010

At Chicago Dramatist 1105 W. Chicago Ave., for tickets call 773.878.5862 or 312.237.0878, $15 (Thursdays & Sundays) $20 (Fridays & Saturdays), playing through July 11th,  Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 7:30 pm Sundays at 3:00 & 6:00 pm.

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