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How To Survive A Fairy Tale

By James E. Grote

How To Survive A Fairy Tale by James E. Grote
How To Survive A Fairy Tale by James E. Grote

Directed by Shole Milos

At Lifeline Theatre, Chicago

Smart and funny world premiere fractured fairy tale delights kids

The creative folks at Lifeline Theatre have a history of producing world premiere children’s’ shows and their latest is a fractured comic spoof of fairy tales that most kids know. This is a cute, funny and delightful 55 minutes of kid’s theatre. The little ones laughed and seemed thrilled with the show. No more needs be said because children are the most honest audience there is. If they don’t like the show, they’ll shout out: “Ma, can we go home? I don’t like this.” But at the performance¬† I saw, the kids seemed to love Jack, his parents and all the zany fairy tale characters.

How To Survive A Fairy Tale by James E. Grote

We meet Jack (the winningly warm Nathaniel Niemi) who laments that he has never read nor knows any fairy tales. When he introduces his mother (Heather Currie) who pretends to be a princes and his father¬† (Derek Czaplewski) is a frog, we understand why neither read fairy tales to Jack. “How To” books were Jack’s bedtime story material.

But when a book of fairy tales falls on Jack from atop his book self, Jack is thrust into a mysterious forest – the land of Grimes-like characters. The adventures begin as Jack learns the “rules” of traditional folktales as he goes on a madcap quest that involves funny interaction with the land’s zanies.

How To Survive A Fairy Tale by James E. Grote

Jack helps rescue children lost in the woods, escapes from bully goats, and aids the three bears among other adventures Jack encounters on his fast-paced 55 minute journey toward finding his way and helping his parents become “normal” again. Jack restores the traditional ending that becomes “Happily Ever After” for his parents, himself and everyone.

How to survive a fairy tale at lifeline theatre

The kids quickly become enchanted with playwright James E. Grote’s tight, quite funny and clever presented story. With terrific costumes (by Jana Anderson) with the vivid props and set (designed by Alan Donahue) add zest to the fairy tales that come alive.¬† Lifeline Theatre’s production values and the terrific comic skills by the cast makes for a delightful children’s show that is also adult proof. Once more Lifeline theatre scores with this wonderful kid’s show. Take the kids.


Tom Williams

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Date Reviewed: January 8, 2012

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At Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood, Chicago, IL, call 773-761-4477,, tickets $15, Saturdays at 1 pm, Sundays at 11 am & 1 pm, running time is 55 minutes without intermission, through February 26, 2012

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