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Juliet Lawson, Songs From a Suitcase

                      On The Road, Travelling Light


  Delving into her past, Juliet Lawson brings forth from her suitcase, songs and memories, as she says, ‘of angst and passion, with a smattering of self deprecation, humour and other delights’.

  In the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Rosemary Branch Theatre, the soulful style and bittersweet wit and rhyme of Miss Lawson, brought sighs of appreciation from her faithful audience, and in numbers like ‘Is It Really You?’, ‘What a Waste Of a Woman’, and ‘At the Sign Of The Fallen Angel’, some truly wonderful songs are on show. These are just asking for superstar treatment.

 Miss Lawson was bravely coping with having to sing without amplification, a chanteuse’ nightmare. With her guitar or by piano accompaniment, but without her microphone, the perennial prop, she was a little light in projection until she came into her own with the moving numbers I have mentioned, and one had a sense of greatness in the wings.

The prospect of seeing Miss Lawson again in the full treatment of her Pizza On The Park performance level is one to be savoured. Until then she will open her suitcase and her heart to smaller, more alternative venues. An evening well spent, and a sense of a friend made.



Saul Reichlin


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