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Life Seperates Us

life seperates us by Sean Farrell
Life Seperates Us by Sean Farrell

Directed by Bill Ryan

As part of Oracle Production’s B-Side Project’s

Remember America in Commemoration of

the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Bickering couples drama not a fitting commemoration of 911 attacks

How strange that playwright Sean Farrell’s Life Separates Us is billed as a commemoration of the attacks on 911 since the work hardly mentions or refers to 911?  The is mostly a dysfunctional relationship drama about two bickering couples who attend a weekly support group run by a controversial leader. There is also a vaguely underdeveloped story about a couple living in NYC that has the wife apparently working at the World Trade Center on that September. The details about exactly what happened to Tom (William Goblirsh) and Marie (Annie Hogan) are weaved in between several irritating bickering sessions between two totally obnoxious and unlikable couples.

life seperates us by Sean Farrell

I wanted to know more about Tom and Marie but all I got was scene after scene that contained screaming, hollering, and shouting that made me wonder why playwright Farrell thought that the bickering among these folks had any relevance to 911. Why would such a play be part of any commemoration of that horrible incident? The support group sessions became redundant, irritating and they concluded in a sort of made for TV ending that stretched credulity.  After so much insults and name calling, etc.,  there is no way the couples would leave as happy friends with their issues apparently resolved.

When a work is billed as a commemoration to such a defining moment, you’d thing that the play would be much more about September 11 than this loud-mouthed relationship drama? In this work, we quickly grow to dislike all six characters, especially the four married folks. Even with a free ticket, I’d not recommend this work. Your time would be better spent watching a Netflix documentary about the terrorist attacks.

Not Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

At Oracle Productions, 3809 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL

One thought on “Life Seperates Us

  • Tommy Myers

    I just don’t know how Oracle can promote this play has a 9/11 commemoration piece.

    I showed up early to view the 9/11 themed art exhibition- which consisted of two works- The first was a video that looked like it was shot a cell phone and showed three uninspired images playing on a loop. The other exhibition consisted of stuffed animals and kids toys thatall looked like rejects from a thrift store that piled into a corner of the lobby.

    I was so upset I wanted to leave but against my better judgment decided to stay for the play-hoping it would at least be about September 11th. The show, however, was about Chicagoans living in Chicago on 9/11 who undergo group marriage counseling in the wake of the tragedy. None one them, however, were directly affected by the tragedy. They talk a lot about it, and apparently the invisible marriage counselor ( Dr. Jerry) is a Pakistani jazz player who sports a turban and beard and proclaims to be an atheist, but is mistaken for a Muslim terrorist.

    To be fair the acting was great and the play was funny- but IT WAS NOT A FITTING TRIBUTE TO THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11.
    I feel sorry for all the actors who wasted their time and talent on this misguided production. .

    Bottom line, at best, this was a poorly thought-out and executed tribute to a national tragedy, or worse it was disrespectful.

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