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Love Thy Neighbor…Till It Hurts


Written & Performed by Julie Ganey

Directed by Megan Shuchman

Music Direction/Original Composition by Mike Pryzgoda

At  16th Street Theatre, Berwyn

Cute, well written one person look at the living in Rogers Park

Julie Ganey’s  60 minute solo piece takes an up close and personal  look at being an urban living advocate who finds Chicago’s diversity something to cherish. Author and performer Julie Ganey gives her unique perspective on living in Rogers Park.  Three years ago Julie heard Ira Glass on NPR ripping her neighborhood in a most unflattering light. It seems that Glass found the neighborhood’s diverse ethnicities, social classes and lifestyles something to avoid.

Ganey give us glimpses into her urban experience’s in a series of  small snippets from buying her house at Toughy and Ridge to her mixed relaction from her new neighbors. These stories are funny and quite telling as  Ganey extols the virtue of urban living. She examines how we misunderstand, mistake and misjudge each other while struggling to live together.

With the help of underscoring music written and performed by Mike Pryzzgoda and Suzanne Osman, Ganey’s solo work is an enchanting and honest work that get us to empathize at urban living. Ganey’s truthfulness is winning.


Tom Williams

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Date Reviewed: July 5, 2012

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