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Nederland Dans Theater I

At the Auditorium Theatre

Nederlands Dans I Theater
Nederlands Dans I Theater

June 17, 2009

Perfection rules with Dutch contemporary dance troupe

Nederlands Dana Theater I brings their amazing modern dance style to Chicago tonight at 7;30 pm at the Auditorium Theatre.  Precision dancing with the emphasis on ensemble dance doesn’t get better than this polished troupe. From the solos and duets of the first act–“Shoot the Moon, ” choreographed by Lightfoot Leon, we witness the unique arm movements that augment the swift dancing. This is a provocative piece filled with sensuality and violence. The music was weirdly haunting.

nederland dans I theater

In the second peice–“Wings of Wax,” choreographed by Jiri Kylian, we notice a huge upside down tree sans leaves. With anassortment of violin solos and Philip Glass, Bachand Von Biber music, the ensemble moves frantically in the stylized synchronization of the ensemble featuring duo that seem like two people wrapped into one.

The third piece was a weird look at individuality, called “The Second Person,” choreographed by Crystal Pite. the large ensemble had several string puppets to simulate a person and the large ensemble mimed personal movement. This wild dance and manic movement gabe me the impreesion of a person on speed or LSD.

The Nederalnd Dan I Theater is a world class, highly polished and talented modern dance troupe that dance patrons will enjoy. I’m not sure what I thought but I did appreciate the craft of the production. If only there wasn’t such a long intermission ( a half an hour) between the first and second acts.

The Nererlands Dans I Theater I show is worth a look.


Tom Williams

One thought on “Nederland Dans Theater I

  • Worth a look? Weird on LSD? Pite’s piece was one of the most exquisitely crafted, deeply layered, and moving pieces of dance I have ever seen. She is masterful at expressing the human condition without artifice, without tricks and fluff. When the lights came up, I noticed I was not the only one in the audience with tears streaming down my face. The first two pieces I could have easily done without.

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