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Written & Directed by Lisa Adamsnocturne by the living canvas

Produced by The Living Canvas

As part of  Naked July Art Stripped Down

At National Pastime Theater

The naked body is celebrated in Nocturne

Photographer Pete Guither, from The Living Canvas, has created a sensual art form utilizing live nude performers under the texture of projected images in a fantasy of light and shadow that captures the expressiveness of the nude forum.  This year’s edition, Nocturne, features 14 nude men and women whose movement, dances and physical actions give a new take on the modern fairy tale works in a fun romp. This is a beautiful exquisitely performed art piece featuring original live music with the cast bounding in good taste flaunting their inhibitions in a fun celebration of their bodies.


The cast all seem quite comfortable with being nude as they playfully romped through their well crafted movements. The lighting effects projected unique images that highlighted (but not covered) the naked bodies. I was amazed at how this show was not gratuitous or exploitative of the cast. All seemed to enjoy being naked  and the audience enjoyed their enthusiasm. At the show’s end, the cast invites the audience to celebrate their humanity by joining the cast in a nude dance. Eight men and two women joined the cast in the nude.

Nocturne is a sensual and visceral performance art piece done with craft and good taste that become intoxicating enchanting.  If you are daring and want to fulfill a fantasy–you can celebrate with the cast.


Tom Williams

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