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Panic On Cloud 9 –

Second City’s 103rd Revuesecond city

Written and performed by

Chelsea Devantez

John Hartman

Paul Jurewicz

Daniel Strauss

Christine Tawfik

Emily Walker

Directed by Ryan Nernier

At Second City, Chicago

Laughs keep coming after 50 years in Second City’s 103rd Revue -Panic On Cloud 9

second city

Featuring Jeff Award winner John Hartman (who is destined to become a Saturday Night Live star) and a cast of major talents from various Second City tours and productions, the cast of Panic On Cloud 9 deftly delivers a smart, contemporary comedy revue that will be relief from all the sweet holiday cheer that may make you barf! True to the proven formula that has made Second City a major Chicago comedy institution for 50 years,this new revue features 23 comic routines that are both rollicking and insightful. We laugh and we relate to the personalities and situations that the brave crew of comics deliver.

second city

From the opening skit with the cast of misfits riding on a Greyhound bus, to the barber shop routine, to the Russian girl blachelorette party, to the little girl slumber party, this revue has each of the six comics grinding out laughs at a manic pace. The physical  gestures and timing of these talented performers make a night out at Second City a fun event. Being written and performed by the cast allows each to set up their special contribution to the seamless evening of comedy.

second city

Most of the routines work well with the exception that a few go on a tad too long and the audience participation bit during the barber shop routine bombed because the guy plucked from the audience had nothing clever to say thus making it difficult for cast members to exude humor. However, the evening produced enough laughs and smart bits that the audience was totally entertained. Chelsea Devantez, Paul Jurewicz, Daniel Strauss, Christine Tawfik, Emily Walker and John Hartman each made Panic On Cloud 9 a wonderful night of comedy. If you have never been to Second City in Old Town or not for sometime, get their with a group and have a blast. Remember, this revue is adult entertainment. Have some holiday relief, take the in laws out for drinks and laughs at this comedy institution.


Tom Williams

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Date Reviewed: December 4, 2014

Jeff Recommended

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At Second City Main stage, 1616 N. Wells, Chicago, IL, call 312-337-3992,,  Tuesday-Thursday at 8 pm, Friday РSaturday at 8 & 11 pm, Sunday at 7pm, running time is 2 hours, 10 minutes with intermission,  tickets begin at $23, open run