Red Light Winter

By Adam Rapp fairlane theatre

Directed by Aaron Henrickson

Produced by Fairlane Theatre Company

Erotic, well-paced story about friendship turns for the worst

 Farilane Theatre Co. put on an effective production of Adam Rapp’s Red Light Winter. A modern look at sex, obsession, and friendship comes to life. Beautifully written characters make this story sensitive and dark. Early in the show, automatically we veer our sympathy toward Matt (Chris Martin with a stellar performance). On the opposing end is Davis (Bob Pantalone in an aggressive, strong performance). As tempers arise, the story and production stays engaging from beginning to end.

fairlane theatre

 Act one takes place in a hostel in Amsterdam. Davis brings home a whore, Christina (Lindsay Bartlette Allen does a sexy, well done job), for his shy and suicidal roommate, Matt. Trying to relive their glory days from college, Davis is out partying in Amsterdam’s red light district. Matt is struggling with “writer’s block” and his sex life. Davis introduces Christina to Matt. Fidgeting his way through the situation, Christina looks to seduce Matt’s sexual frustration and ease his nervousness. In doing so, Matt has a night that he will never forget.

fairlane theatre

 Matt falls for the whore who turns out to be American and not her French act that she succeeded in doing so. Adam Rapp’s intense dialogue makes for Red Light Winter to unfold nicely. The speeches that Matt delivers throughout show him to be the sympathetic character that we fall for. Main tensions build and we wonder what is going to happen to Matt and this cryptic woman? Through twists, the story turns for the worst. The true personalities and attitudes of the characters finally boil over and get revealed.

fairlane theatre

 I must point out the one definite downside to my night at Fairlane Theatre Co. Since I have been interning, I have never been apart of a more rowdy, disrespectful, drunk audience in my time here at Chicago Critic. Alcohol is a big no-no in the Theatre. Talking, giggling, exiting multiple times in and out, texting, knocking over bottles, to name a few. I must give my respect to those actors on stage to still pursue their characters with that entire commotion happening. A big distraction, but the production was strong enough to keep me entertained.

 As college roommates, can Matt and Davis keep their eroding relationship? Will Matt finally be able to get what he wants? It kept my attention throughout and built up the tension as the characters finally broke from their shells. All three performances combined for a trifecta of connecting relationships that were deliberately portrayed. For $12 a ticket, this is a fun show to bring some friends along. Keep the alcohol for before and after the show.


 Matt Koske

Date Reviewed: February 22, 2014

At Fairlane Theatre, 3110 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL,, tickets $12, 7:00pm Saturdays; February 15 and 22, March 1 and 8, running time is 2 hours and 15 minutes with 1 intermission, through March 8, 2014.


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