Robert Brasher’s “Rush Hour”

Robert Brasher’s “Rush Hour”

Chicago never looked finer than through Robert Brasher’s paintings

Curly Tale Fine Art usually exhibits artists from the “Lowbrow and Pop Surreal art movement, Art with a sense of humor includes original paintings, one of a kind jewelry, wearable art, sculpture glass works, books, and toys.” CurlyTale Fine Art strays from their usual themes in their pleasant new exhibition of Robert Brasher, a more representational artist who’s paintings stand out in this gallery.

curly tale fine arts

Robert Brasher, an accomplished Chicago painter, who’s work has been described as “never straying far from representational works the urban structure and human form sometimes take a back seat to the atmospheric conditions of Chicago.” Robert Brasher is known for painting beautiful Chicago cityscapes from an insider perspective.

curly tale fine artsBeing a west coast artist who recently moved to Chicago and still new to the Chicago art scene, I am impressed with Robert Brasher’s paintings. Towering buildings, brilliant reflections, bustling crowds, and the glow of city lights stand out through the Chicago weather, creating not only a very convincing look, but also a strong feel of everyday Chicago life. Brasher’s very free, yet descriptive brushstrokes, beautifully create a strong series of fantastic paintings containing atmospheric cityscapes with gestural figures that feel at home in his paintings.

curly tale fine arts

Anyone who loves cityscapes and figural work needs to get to Curly Tale Fine Art Gallary to view Robert Brasher’s stellar work.

Highly Recommended

Samuel Fisch

Art Beat

Date Reviewed: August 23, 2103

At the Curly Tale Fine Art Gallary, 14 W. Erie St., Chicago, IL


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