Sanctions against Profiles Theatre

Good news –  Profiles Theatre has closed for good as of June 15, 2016 – the power of our community proved too much! The truth won!

Read the fine article on The Reader:


Actual sanctions that can and should be applied to Profiles Theatre until Darrell W. Cox and Joe Jahraus are permanently removed from any involvement with Profiles Theatre, due to the severe and persistent misconduct unveiled by Aimee Levitt and Christopher Piatt in the Chicago Reader’s June 8, 2016  article At Profiles Theatre the drama – and the abuse- is real:

  1. No publicists are to work with Profiles Theatre.
  2. No press coverage, no promotionals, no interviews, and no reviews of Profiles productions by are to be given by any press, websites, or blogs. Press should state why they are no longer covering Profiles.
  3. Cancellation of Profiles Theatre’s Equity contract on moral grounds.
  4. No Jeff Committee eligibility, and revocation of Darrell W. Cox’s past Jeff Awards. Investigate past Jeff Awards nominations for Profiles to determine if the nominees were real people.
  5. Revoke Profiles Theatre’s membership in the League of Chicago Theatres and grant no listing or ads for their shows or classes.
  6. Do not allow ads or promo articles on theatre oriented sites like Performink, Theatre in Chicago, Chicago Plays, or New City, the Reader, Windy City Times, etc
  7. Contact all the major play licensing agencies such as Samuel French, etc., asking them not to grant rights to plays for Profiles Theatre.
  8. Advise all theatre professionals and students to boycott auditioning, working, or interning for Profiles Theatre.
  9. Ask all current Profiles ensemble members to boycott and/or resign immediately.

Advise theatre patrons to withhold donations or not to purchase tickets to Profiles shows until the above are removed from Profiles Theatre.

Let us state that will NOT review any upcoming Profiles Theatres shows until new leadership takes over Profiles Theatre.  We urge all reviewers to join us.

Tom Williams & Jacob Davis


The Chicago Theatre Community’s reaction to The Reader’s article at Profiles’ location