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Six More Scary Tales

Written and produced

by David Denman

six more scary tales
Six More Scary Tales

Produced by Clock Productions

At National Pastime Theater

Neither scary no funny nor campy tales fizzles

I didn’t see the original Six Scary Tales so I can’t comment on them but I was disappointed with David Denman’s Six More Scary Tales. The production I witnessed was a mixed bag of  attempted horror and tongue-in-cheek humor that neither was scary nor funny.  With  disjointed writing, poor acting and atrocious accents, Six More Scary Tales comes off as amateur night at the theatre.

If you’re going for satire or parody then go all the way – don’t mix genres and find a script that isn’t so obvious and predictable that the audience could shout the punch lines.  I’d advise hiring a dialect coach or drop the use of accents. I’m not sure what this production is trying to do except bore audiences? When you use words like “scary” in a show’s title, audiences expect frightening material and if you’re going for parody, make that obvious early on.  The only interesting item in this show is the set. Too bad there wasn’t a worthy play mounted on it. I can not find anything redeeming or entertaining in this show.

Not Recommended

Tom Williams

At National Pastime Theater, 4137 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL call 773-327-7077, tickets $15, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, running time is 85 minutes without intermission, through February 26, 2011

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