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Song For A Future Generation

A Science Fiction Spectacle Dance Party Play

By Joe Traczsongs for future generation by joe tracz

Directed by Mary Rose O’Connor

Produced by Lights Out Theatre Company

At EP Theater Chicago

Futuristic  dance party comedy parodies science fiction genre

The folks at Lights Out Theatre Company sure have loads of chutzpah for mounting the world premiere of Joe Tracz’s Song for a Future Generation. This is a weird play that tries to be many things, comment on several themes–and–it almost succeeds. To say that Tracz’s comedy is part sketch comedy, part melodrama, part space romance with blasting disco music and three funky new-wave ensemble dance numbers wrapped up in a parody is to say too little. This is an off-beat 75 minute play that nearly works and with some adjustments could be a hoot.

songs for future generation by joe tracz

Let me explain: we are blasted out of our minds by mind-numbing pop/rock music as we enter the theatre.  It is not smart to alienate a portion of your audience–us older theatre patrons. Next, the early scenes are important to help us gather and accept what is happening. Unfortunately, the combination of the underscoring pop music being much too loud and the three clone Marika’s speaking too fast and, at times, to soft-made much of the introductory information too hard to hear and understand. That’s an easy fix–turn the sound down and have the woman speak slower and enunciate stronger. (By the way, speaking too fast and running words together is a tenancy of the 20something generation. My theory is that it comes from cellphone use. Maybe, that’s why I refuse to have one?)

songs for future generation by joe tracz

Next, the show could use more clarity. The action moves from a party set in the future inhabited by a strange group of weird characters: a fighter pilot (Bobby Libby) and his eager-to-party friend (R. Alex Kliner); a shape-shifter, a bounty hunter, an escaped convict and the galaxy’s last living rock lobster. There are simply too many characters and too many stories going on to hold us. I got lost early on.

Tracz needs to trim and refocus more on the time traveler, Error (Jonathan Matteson) and his search for the girl of his dreams lost in a time warp. The three Miraka’s (Andrea Decamp, Haily Wineland and Annie Ludia Litchfield) could have had more story development also.

Jonathan matteson, songs for future generation by joe tracz

Lastly, too much screaming and shouting goes on when emotions are expressed. Jonathan Matteson has just the right tone as he deftly expressed his anger, frustration with ample emotional intensity as the charming, totally innocent time traveler. His speech was crystal clear. Bobby Libby (except for his atonal singing) was empathetic and truthful as the fighter pilot trainee. Nice work.

The party movement and dancing (choreographed by Anna Lucer0) was expertly designed and well danced by the entire ensemble. These movements underscored the parody and added a nice entertaining touch.

In Conclusion,  let me state that much of the humor was lost by the frantic pace, loud music underscore and the sloppy timing of set-ups and punch lines. I’m sure that’ ll get better as the runs continues. The frequent tone changes and mixture of performing styles needs to be sharper with clearer transitions.  I’m like to see this show sporting a more biting, edgy tone by all to highlight the satire and wit of the piece.

Don’t let my nit-picking keep you from seeing this ambitiously entertaining work. It is a fine date night show that the 20-30something crowd will enjoy. And at only $15 per ticket, it is an entertainment bargain!

On several levels, Song of a Future Generation lands a complex and convoluted work into a fun 75 glimpse into the future of parties.  Kudos to the young artists at Lights Out Theatre troupe for stretching boundaries. They had some cute moments and they will get better. The sheer energy and raw talent of this cast will impress you.


Tom Williams

At EP Theater, 1820 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL,  tickets $15 -$10 industry, special industry show on Monday, March 1 & 8, Thursdays thru Saturdays at 8 pm, running time is 75 minutes without intermission, through March 13, 2010

3 thoughts on “Song For A Future Generation

  • Becky Pomazak

    Sounds intriguing – you had me at “Futuristic dance party comedy…” Looking forward to catching this show.

  • Kevin Newhouse

    I caught the play on its opening weekend. I was unsure as to what to expect based on the description of the play but was pleasantly surprised with the product. The cast was full of energy, the writing was clever and witty and the intimate setting of the theatre made you feel as if you were a part of the party. That being said, it was a great way to spend a night out. I would highly recommend seeing “Song for a Future Generation!”

  • I can’t wait to see this show. I’ve heard it described as “Can’t Hardly Wait in Space” – high praise if I’ve ever heard it.

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