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THANKS MOM – a film review

thanks mom the film
Thanks Mom -the film


Brothers Dan and Jeremy are aspiring filmmakers. When the economic crisis drains their pool of potential investors, they have no choice but to accept their Mother’s offer to fund their feature film.

Months later, with their movie nearly complete, their artistic vision runs headlong into their Mother’s more wholesome values.

THANKS MOM is a comedy about art, film-making and a couple of Mommas Boys.

A Review

Several things struck me as I watched Dan and Jeremy Kuhlman’s short film, “Thanks Mom.” First, I like the professionalism of the production – it sure played like a major motion picture. Smart editing, nice location shots and a blend of dark scenes and funny re-takes bend on pleasing Mom who financed the venture.

Second, the acting, especially by the ‘killer’and his victim and the brothers was authentic yet it exuding humor. Dan Kuhlman is terrific as Dan. Art and life work together here.

Third, the script was plausible and funny as the brothers kept sending the film’s scenes to their Mom – the film’s backer. She stayed positive but never failed to voice her concerns and distaste for the gritty realism of the film. Both of the brothers learn a lesson as Mom ultimately has her way and a family-friendly film with heart emerges.

The irony isn’t lost here. This short film begs to be a full-length feature film. I can see this script becoming a comic hoot as both a knock on the bad films being made these days and a tribute to those light family-friendly films of the 1950 such as those Doris Day Rock Hudson comedies. I believe this script would emerge as a box office winner.

The talent of the Kuhlman brothers is demonstrated in this cute short film. I’d enjoy seeing these guys producing a feature film. They just need an angel.

Tom Williams

Date Reviewed: September 20, 2010

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