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The Fall Of Man

By Jonathan Holloway and John Milton

fall of man by jonathan Holloway
The Fall of Man by Jonathan Holloway

Directed by Adam Webster

Produced by The Right Brain Project

At The RBP Rorschach, Chicago, IL

Muddled poetic reciting dilutes sexy drama

The 50 minute sexually-charged two-hander now playing at the intimate RSB Rorschach space in Ravenswood, The Fall Of Man is a yawner. Successful businessman Peter (Corey Noble) seduces his children’s nanny, Veronica (Anna Robinson) because he is bored with his wife.

In between long passages from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, the couple spent time partially nude fainting sex including oral by Veronica.  This boring play is neither vividly sexual enough,  (full nudity is avoided),  nor filled with enough storyline to satisfy. The eruptions of Milton’s poetry is perplexing. Corey Noble mumbles incoherently his passages while Anna Robinson’s combination of speaking too fast together with her thick Polish accent, made her Milton passages unintelligible.  With such heavy symbolism, a little Milton (spoken with verve) would suffice.  This short one-act fizzles as Veronica quickly becomes a nasty shrew.  I do not see the stage worthiness of this work. It isn’t titillating sexually enough nor does it have enough story to pick our interest. I left wondering why anyone would produce this play?

Not Recommended

Tom Williams

Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

Date Reviewed: March 19, 2012

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