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The Hilarious Hit Musical disenchanted

Book, Music and Lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino

Directed by Christopher Bond

The Cast Includes:

Uche Ama (The Princess Who Kissed the Frog)

Ann Paula Bautista (Hua Mulan, Pocahontas, Badroulbadour)

Merritt Crews (Snow White)

Miriam Drysdale (The Little Mermaid, Belle, Rapunzel)

Madison Hayes-Crook (Cinderella)

Daniella Richards (Sleeping Beauty)

The Real Princesses Of Time Gone By—Where Are They Now?

As a former History teacher, Giacino wondered what really ever happened to all of the princess characters we have all known and loved over the years. Tired of being exploited by films, books and dolls, DISENCHANTED! reveals to us how life really turned out for our perfect princesses. Was it a happily ever after ending? Or were they sorry they didn’t sign a pre-nup?


Snow White, the primmest and proper of the princesses, has a power packed voice and a passionate portrayal of life after “Prince Charming”. Her side kick Cinderella, clever and coquettish, helps tell the story while so frantically keeping the show moving, “We have to finish this thing in 95 minutes!”

Was Cinderella really the only one in the castle with a size 7 foot? I doubt it! Sleeping Beauty has bouts of sleepiness throughout the show and has unusual dreams about Pinocchio to share with us. The Little Mermaid, now a disturbingly unhappy, raspy drunk would happily trade in her legs for the Seven Seas and she is so hungry there was even talk about eating her best friend Flounder! Tell me it’s not so! Belle has been institutionalized due to the talking dishware driving over her over the edge. Rapunzel, the German girl with the never ending braid, is angry that she has not made One Red Cent, (a silly audience participation song), after all of her hard work. Princess Badroulbador-who? Oh yes, Jasmine is it? You know the one Aladdin married? You will know who she is after this performance. Hua Mulan is the only princess that didn’t get the man. Where was her Prince Charming? She lives happily ever after by being happy in her own skin and not needing to seek approval from others. Pocahontas who was known for her bravery as a child, and then was pinged as a wanton seductress, is here to introduce her authentic self. The Princess Who Kissed The Frog has entered the stage straight from the hood and feeling good. Why did it take so long to introduce a soul sister to the bunch? This Roberta ain’t taking no flack!


A warped bunch of stories masterfully crafted and full of inappropriate etiquette. I mean hooking up with the guy from the page before and then marrying him? Who does that? Who cares? Let’s sing about it. Fun music and even funnier characters will have you laughing all the way to the palace.


Sally Jo Osborne

Reviewed Sunday May 15, 2016

[email protected]

Playing at Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place through June 5, 2016.

The show runs 95 minutes with no intermission.

Tickets are $35.75 – $78.75 for more information call 800-775-2000, visit or