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Goodnight Moon – The Musical

Based on the book by Margaret Wise Brownproduced by chicago chidrens theatre

Original Illustrations by Clement Hurd

Book, Lyrics and Music by Chad Hurd

Directed by David Kersnar

Choreographed by Tommy Rapley

Music direction by Andra Velis Simon

Produced by the Chicago Children’s Theatre

At Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre

Little kids adore fun musical – Goodnight Moon

Kids are the most honest audience since they either love or hate a show.  I’m glad to report that they adore Goodnight Moon – The Musical. A full house of  kids seemed restless waiting for the show to state but once it did, they were totally engaged for the full 65 minutes.  That is all you really need to know if you’re thinking of taking your child or grandchild to see this nicely produced musical.

. Goodnight Moon - the Musical

Seeing Bunny (the lovable charming Alex Goodrich) dressed in stripped pajamas as Old Lady (Sara Sevigny) tries to get him to bed since it’s 7PM. This beloved bedtime story gives children an “eyes wide open” experience that they’ll not soon forget.

 Goodnight Moon - the Musical

Cute songs, loads of heart and a colorful use of  picture props that magically come to life fuels this romp. The set 9designed by Jacqueline and Richard Penrod with expert lighting by Sarah Hughey set the tone for fun and adventure. The humorous and mischievous antics of bunny to stay awake past his bedtime becomes an avenue for him to play jokes, sing and dance his way through nursery rhymes.Bunny dances with bears with chairs, the Cat (Aaron Holland) and the Fiddle (Becky Poole) , and the Cow Jumping Over the Moon (Sara Sevigny). Bunny also takes a trip through the night sky and he dances with the constellations.

 Goodnight Moon - the Musical

Goodnight Moon -The Musical is a major treat for children of all ages, especially the younger kids. The production values and the charm and whimsy will tickle the delights of all. I can’t thing of a more deserving show to get children into the magic world of live theatre. They’ll get so absorbed into the show that they’ll remember this experience for a long time. It is a fun, well produced and acted theatre piece.


Tom Williams

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Date Reviewed: November 6, 2011

For full show information, check out the Goodnight Moon  page at Theatre In Chicago.

At Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL,  $26 children, $36 adults, call 773-871-3000,, Tuesday thru Friday at 10:15 am, Saturdays & Sundays at 11 am & 3 pm, running time is 65 minutes without intermission, through December 23, 2011

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