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TORUK — The First Flight

Produced by Cirque du Soleil.toruklogo2

Based on James Cameron’s Avatar.

At the United Center, Chicago.

Amazing spectacle ripe with color, costumes, gymnastics and light on story.



Going into the show at the United Center, I must confess I have no knowledge nor have I seen the film Avatar. But my research tells me that TORUK — The First Flight is only based on the movie with a different story. While I got lost in the story of aliens from some planet, TORUK — The First Flight had enough actions, color, amazing visuals and fine puppets with a manic cast of players who run and tumble often.  The show features three blue indigenous humanoids complete with tails out to establish themselves in the traditions of their tribe or something to that effect?



To me the story was secondary to the energetic scenes played out by a large cast of acrobats, gymnasts and tumblers. This show features loud techno music vivid lighting and mind-blowing sets and extreme puppets. The emphasis on how the story is told trumps (sorry) the story. At just under two hours, it works Especially for those into Avatar the film. The audience seemed to enjoy the spectacle more than I did. All  the running, tumbling and climbing together the ear-splitting music wore thin with me. But this show is “critic-proof” since the large following of Avatar will love this show. Hurry there are only seven more performances through Sunday August 7.


Tom Williams.

Date Reviewed: August 3, 2016.

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At the United Center, 1900 W. Madison, Chicago, tickets $44 – $150 at, August 4 at 7:30 pm, August 5 at 3:30 & 7:30 pm, August 6 at 4 & 8 pm, August 7 at 1:30 & 5:30 pm, Running time is 2 hours with intermission, through August 7, 2016.