Top 12 Plays of 2016

Top 12 Plays of 2016

By Tom Williams

12. Mr & Mrs Pennyworth





” A love story…and a murder mystery…and a science-fiction fantasy

…and a fairy tale adventure.” Hara also sees it as a philosophical

exploration of what it means to be “alive.”

11. The Hunter and the Bear












The story, part fable, part frontier ghost story and parable, takes us from a  campfire to wondering through the woods as the group fears a bear attack. When Tobias, the pragmatic hunter, decides to protect  the community from the bear,  he ventures into the woods in search. His imaginative son Elliot, who loves storytelling, wonders out into the forest to aid his father, he disappears.

10. Red Velvet







It is the story of the first African-American actor to play Othello for two performances at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden in London in 1833.

9. London Wall







This “professional play” is a workplace comedy of manners which depicts the struggles of single women who do shorthand typing for a 1/10th of what a man would make.

8. Hand to God





Hilarious satire of Southern religious beliefs is a non-stop laugh fest.

7. Bakersfield Mist






Totally engrossing two-hander is a funny, thought provoking mystery

about authenticity and what makes art.


6. Roz & Ray






Powerful dramatization of the tragedy of hemophiliac s getting

AIDS from contaminated blood.

5. Miss Holmes












Walsh creates a female Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson that were not simply females playing the men but new characters who were burdened with most of the prejudices, societal limitations, and female rebellion were not tolerated in 19th Century England.

4.  Man in the Ring





Stunning world premiere about boxer Emile  Griffin as he

struggles with dementia late in his life.

3. End of the Rainbow






Legendary Judy Garland comes to life in stunning performance by Angela  Ingersoll.

2. (tie) Tug of War: Civil Strife; Tug of War: Foreign Fire









The blend of Shakespearean verse, vivid sound effects and rock music with adapter/director Barbara Gaines’ blend of the histories made for an engrossing day of theatre!
1. 2666




One of the most anticipated, bizarre, and audacious works in the American theatrical landscape finally makes its debut at the Goodman after years of development. 2666, adapted from the posthumously published novel by Roberto Bolaño, is a five-and-a-half-hour long epic narrative which, like the Chilean author’s novel, radically changes styles with each act